KL 025

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  • Magnetic or optional DIN rail mounting
  • Energy-saving lamp
  • Lamp without/with electrical socket (choice of sockets)
  • On/Off switch

The compact lamp KL 025 was especially designed for use in enclosures with electric/electronic components. A powerful magnet enables the lamp to be mounted freely in any desired position in metal enclosures saving time and installation problems. The integrated electrical socket allows the use of additional appliances.



Luminosity 900Lm (equals light bulb 75W/230VAC, 60W/120VAC)
Lamp type compact fluorescent lamp with integral starter
Service life 5,000h
Switch on/off light switch
Connection 3-pole terminal 2.5mm² with cable clamp, torque 0.8Nm max.
Mounting magnet fixing
Casing plastic, light grey
Dimensions 355 x 65 x 70mm
Weight approx. 1kg
Fitting position variable
Operating/Storage temperature -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F) / -45 to +70°C (-49 to +158°F)
Operating/Storage humidity max. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type IP20
Accessories lamp cover, Art. No. 09520.0-00 (see photo)
Art. No. Operating voltage Socket Power consumption Nominal current Protection type Approvals
02500.0-00 230VAC, 50Hz Germany/Russia (1) 11W 16A I (earthed) VDE-GS EAC
02500.0-07 230VAC, 50Hz none 11W - II (double insulated) - EAC
02501.0-00 230VAC, 50Hz F/PL/CZ/SK (2) 11W 16A I (earthed) - EAC
02502.0-00 230VAC, 50Hz Switzerland (3) 11W 10A I (earthed) - EAC
02510.0-00 230VAC, 50Hz UK/Ireland (4) 11W 13A I (earthed) - EAC
02512.0-00 230VAC, 50Hz Italy (6) 11W 16A I (earthed) - EAC
02505.9-00 120VAC, 60Hz USA/Canada (5) 9W 15A I (earthed) - EAC
02505.9-01 120VAC, 60Hz none 9W - II (double insulated) - EAC


Compact Lamp KL 025