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The new air-flap outlet technology eliminates the need for the filter mat for the air outlet, enhancing in turn the exiting airflow. So, using the same cut-out in an enclosure wall more air can be exchanged. Leading to more efficient cooling of the application

The flaps of the new Filter Fan Plus series are inspired by the plastic louvered shutters used for instance in households for the evacuation of exhaust air(kitchen,bathroom,dryer,etc.).But then again,they are significantly different.

Our engineers put a lot of thought into the form of the air-flaps:e.g.the flaps are not flat,but have an optimized curve,enabling them to react to small airflow volumes with the maximum opening of the flaps.Thereby the air resistance is positively affected by the air-flap technology.

STEGO even went a step further when combining the flaps with a fan,and adapted the sizes of the flaps to the ideal operating point of the fans(each fan has its own individual spiral-shaped air turbulence pattern).This ensures an optimized airflow for any filter fan size.


The Filter Fan Plus is placed in the enclosure cut-out from the outside of the enclosure and mounted tool-free. By pressing the built-in ratchet braces the filter fan is pulled into the cabinet wall. The ratchet braces snap into place, giving the installer audible feedback that the filter fan is now installed securely.
The Filter Fan Plus has four ratchet braces, one located in each corner of the filter fan. The ratchet braces were especially developed for this filter fan series, and we have even submitted a patent application for this mechanism.

The ratchet mount mechanism prevents possible deformation of the enclosure wall by pulling the mounting frame to the wall. This is a new approach compared to conventional filter fan systems where the mounting frame is usually pressed onto the enclosure wall using strong force. The braces lock solidly into one of the 6 notches of the ratchet wheel ensuring secure positioning of the mounting frame. When the ratchet mechanism draws wall and mounting frame together, the filter fan is uniformly sealed via the integral sealing gasket on the mounting frame resulting in a secure and stable installation.

The ratchet braces are pressed from the outside. When pressing them, the installer hears the clicking sound of the brace locking into place in one of the 6 notches and is assured that the filter fan is installed securely. If there is a necessity to do so, the ratchet braces can be re-opened using a screwdriver. Thanks to the 6 stages of the ratchet, the mount mechanism of the Filter Fan Plus is suitable for wall thicknesses from 1 to 4 mm.

The Filter Fans Plus smartly lead the cool outer air through the enclosure. The focus of the FPI system is the active airflow direction. The systems FPI and FPO offer two powerful solutions.

TO FPI/FPO 018(92✖92mm)

TO FPI/FPO 018(124✖124mm)

TO FPI/FPO 018(176✖176mm)

TO FPI/FPO 018(223✖223mm)

TO FPI/FPO 018(291✖291mm)